A Pick & Choose History …

… Of Courtenay Street, Kennington and Lambeth

This came about as part of my Artist in Residence in My Own Street project. Having researched the history of Courtenay Street for the project, particularly looking at the period around 1911 in order to better understand jobs, living conditions and the landscape of the area at that time, I stumbled across all sorts of other bits of history online and in the Lambeth archives.  I used this as inspiration for a number of Inktober posts in October 2018 creating in the process a very personal, overly imaginative ‘history’ of Courtenay Street, Kennington and Lambeth.  I’ve posted these here to share them beyond the participants in the project who got to see them as I went along at our regular ‘Duchy Nites’ at the Duchy Arms pub on the corner of the street.

Whales of South London

Gs in Cardigan StreetGs in Cardigan Street

Plant of Yesterday

Yesterday of the Girl

Gardening and Kennington Roses

Secret Tunnels

Prince of the Welsh

Yesterday of the Boy

Pubs & Ghost Pubs

Lost Palaces

Rebel Rebel

Theatre and Other Entertainments

Maypoles, Mummers & Morris Dancers

Players & Performers