Yesterday of the Boy

From Inktober posts Oct 2018 – part of the Pick and Choose History of Courtenay Street, Kennington and Lambeth:


Yesterday of the Boy, there is indeed an International Men’s Day (19 Nov) and many boys still live in poverty and are forced to work from a young age or sent to war as child soldiers. In 1911 in Courtenay Street there were 77 boys (under 18) seven were out at work, the youngest of whom was 14, a van boy for Pickfords. Other jobs were; office boy, carman, district messenger, kitchen boy, labourer. Based on ages in 1911, 18 of these boys would have been old enough to fight in the First World War. Many lived in poverty, two in just one room with their families, 29 in seriously overcrowded accommodation. On the other hand the street could have supported its own football league!

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