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These collages are my response to the following document circulated by Stella Duffy – I’ve inserted the collages and my titles for them into the text below – any text in red is mine – on the Pinterest Board there isn’t enough room to put the full responses but each collage does have the full response on the back.


These collages are available to anyone in the UK – just email me at and say which number you want.  I am giving these away for free, but if you do have a bit of spending money please consider making a donation to the National Gallery workers strike fund – they are on strike this week! policy 50


Deborah Mason 25/2/2015

Jennie Lee’s White Paper

A Policy for the Arts

First Steps

a 50th Anniversary Response

to be widely shared on 25th February 2015


How to use this document on 25th February, 2015 :

Read it to your audience before a performance; flyer the bus/train/tube/plane with hundreds of copies to remind the passengers that they too are the arts; declaim it from the Town Hall steps; turn it into a dance, spoken word, sculpture, score; shout it in fields; perform it as circus in shopping malls; roll it through classrooms; parade it in universities; cross-stitch it into tapestry; play it with a brass band; print it on the front page; read it on the news; debate and dissect it, disagree with it. Share it however you will, but please, share it widely and indiscriminately.


The 25th February is 70 days until the election – for arts and culture to be in the discussion, WE need to put them there.


The idea came into being at a Devoted and Disgruntled session, calling to do something about/for/around the anniversary.

This is not the definitive response, it is one response.  Many more are welcome.


Please share whatever you do/plan to do here :

A google doc :

A facebook page :


Use this hashtag to share it on social media : #ArtsPolicy50


This document has been edited and compiled by Alexandra Birchfield, Hugh Chapman, Stella Duffy, Mary Halton, Amie Taylor, Fiona Whitelaw.

The black font is material from the White Paper, the blue is from current thinkers/commentators. There is a bibliography of quote sources on the back page.


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