Gardening – Kennigton Roses

From Inktober posts in October 2018

“Really this is from yesterday – I was thinking about it as I was working at the Garden Museum last night. In case you can’t read my writing it says: Gardening. In Courtenay Street if you want to start a conversation that isn’t about the weather, the latest planning catastrophe or the wheelie-bin controversy, you can always talk about roses. Kennington is rich in roses and Courtenay Street and Square especially so. There is a flame coloured rose on the corner of the square that blooms brightly all winter. There have always been gardens and gardeners here, including John Tradescant Senior and John Tradescant younger, great plant hunters and pioneers of the 17th Century who gave us the horse chestnut, tradescantia and the first public museum in Britain (in which one of the exhibits was a dodo).”

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