Lost Palaces

From Inktober posts in October 2018 – part of my Pick and Choose History of Courtenay Street, Kennington and Lambeth:


The Lost Palaces of Kennington. I’m pretty much living in the paddock of Kennington Palace (now replaced by the hideous Edinburgh House) there is no image of the earlier medieval palace except of the Long Barn which was once part of its stables. My drawing is based on a floor plan derived from archaeological digs of the 1960s and extant examples of medieval manor houses such as Baddesley Clinton and Ightham Mote. The manor was replaced with another grand house for which there is an engraving from the 18th century and a picture of the gate house from the 19th. Norfolk House was gone of Agnes dowager Duchess of Norfolk and Catherine Howard spent her youth there. (It is now replaced by a Novotel). Fawkes Hall (the corrupted name of which gives its name to Vauxhall) lasted long enough that an engraving of it exists. It was the prison of Arabella Stuart whose only crime was to be a Stuart but not Guy Fawkes – sadly as that would be ironic given the site is occupied now by MI6!

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