Show Culture Some Love

This is a campaign I am running on Facebook and Twitter for Artists Assembly Against Austerity as part of their involvement in the PCS Union conference on the Future of Arts and Culture in Britain.

Bob & Roberta Smith Show Culture Some Love

by Bob & Roberta Smith

The idea is that on Valentine’s Day (Sat 14th Feb 2015) instead of posting the usual romantic pictures you show Culture some love instead and post a selfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #showculturesomelove

What do you have to do?

We are asking that people and organisations post ‘selfies’ of themselves ‘showing culture some love’.  Examples:

Hugging a statue

Hugging part of a building (a column of the Globe Stage, a corner of the National Portrait Gallery)

Hugging or kissing a cultural object of significance to them: their favourite book, favourite film, favourite video game, their musical instrument or other object that represents their own art or craft endeavour.

@DebDaveMason for Show Culture Some Love campaign

@DebDaveMason loving #Titian #Showculturesomelove

These would then be posted on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook etc with the hashtag #ShowCultureSomeLove

What if you don’t do social media but want to take part?

Just take the picture and send it to with a short caption (100 characters or fewer) and the @showculturelove account will post it for you.


The campaign is part of the TUC conference on the Future of Art & Culture in Britain – 14 March 2015 and the hashtag #ShowCultureSomeLove will also be used by organisations taking part in the Conference to link to the conference programme (once finalised and published) and also to a webpage hosting information about the campaign and the conference.  This is the message we want to get across:

People and organisations are posting selfies to ‘Show Culture Some Love’.  We would like to see National and Local Government doing the same – show culture some love – help sustain and support arts and culture in the UK so that it remains available for everyone to enjoy and participate in.

 You can find out more about the Conference here:

More info – from me (Deborah Mason) at or via mobile on 07957 145992

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