Tiny Play Festival 2012

Tiny Play Festival – a showcase of jewels, a tasting menu of amuse bouche, a cabinet of miniatures…

Tiny Plays (2)

Performed at the Tea House Theatre Vauxhall on 28th September 2012

The Tiny Play Festival received a grant from the Arts Council Grants for the Arts programme and the festival is now Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Inspired by Craig Taylor’s ‘One Million Tiny Plays About Britain’ and the Royal Court’s recent call for 100 word plays to be displayed in their foyers, I thought it would be fun to see some tiny plays actually performed.  Not just read, not just read out, but really performed, with lights, costumes, actors, maybe even music and scenery – always with passion.

Tiny Plays


What the audience said about it;

“Absolutely fantastic! I was genuinely entertained and amazed.”

“Great atmosphere covering all ages.  Fun and completely accessible introduction to the core of theatre. A real local community feel. Completely entertaining.”

“I really enjoyed it, what a great night and so interactive. ”

“Great idea!  Very funny and was awesome to get the audience involved at the end and see how the actors worked.  Talented people and entertaining – loved it!”

“Fantastic creative, stimulating and inventive – when’s the next one?”

If you would like further information  please email tinyfestivals@yahoo.co.uk




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