Resources for Julius Caesar

This page is for the cast and crew of Julius Caesar to more easily access background resources and information that might be useful – it’s mostly a series of links:

Here’s the official Southside Blog – I am hoping all the cast and crew will contribute something:

Here’s the Southside YouTube channel

Here’s the link to the Today programme clip

First up that blog post by Paul Mason!

2nd up some information on the Battle of Phillipi

If you are one of the many who die in Julius Caesar you may enjoy this:

Please note that although I have been a proponent (as some of you know) of the Yves Klein blue thing I won’t be asking anyone to do that one – or for that matter point no. 5!

60 Minutes with Shakespeare

Here’s another one – you have to sign up and then they send you an access link to a wide variety of interviews and blogs about Shakespeare:

Tunisian bloggers (Arab Spring)

Some interesting stuff about Tunisian bloggers/activists now running in the elections – esp useful for female conspirators (Brutus/Cassius etc)

RSC Open Stages

An interesting article in the Guardian about arts/theatre/politics – esp useful to those giving warnings

If you are playing one of the soldiers/named military characters in the second half and have a bit of time on your hands you might find this book useful (and enjoyable)

The Junior Officers Reading Club by Patrick Hennessey

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this factual tale of army life now.

And if anyone is suffering from stage fright, here’s something Mr Rossi found posted on twitter:

Re Casca’s reaction to the storm and reporting of lion in street – here is a Guardian piece about reports on twitter during this summer’s London riots of a tiger in Primrose Hill that had escaped from the zoo:

Map of how to get to the bit of the school you need to be in!  Also for Caterpillar rehearsals – just walk PAST the main gate down Boundaries Road, go under the bridge and the Caterpillar Nursery is just there on your right.

Tongue twisters so far:

Sidney Sheldon stuck six thick sticks into sixty-six ricks

The skunk sat on the stump, the skunk thunk the stump stunk, the stump thunk the skunk stunk.

If a canny cannibal can cram caramel into a camel, how much caramel can a canny canibal cram into a camel?

and donated by my friend Cheryl:

Thermos flasks and sandwiches, thermos flasks and sausages, thermos flasks and mixed biscuits. Flasks, flasks, flasks, always thermos flasks at picnics.

and some more:

She chops chips in a chic fish and chip shop

A really frugal rural ruler’s mural



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  1. amy says:

    thanks for all the resources Deb. lots to read over the weekend!

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