Punishing the Unloved

Yeah, well, thanks Dave!

I’d like to be married.  Maybe I’ll still get a chance at it.  As I head over the hill of 50 though it is statistically unlikely.  Sadly, I just haven’t found love.  I’d like to say it wasn’t my fault but I have had feedback:

“too fat”

“too loud”

“too old”

“too opinionated”

So maybe, I am somewhat to blame.  But you see I didn’t want to compromise. Not on love.  After all, I’m not a politician, so compromise isn’t in my nature.

Instead I’ve diverted my energies (that might otherwise have been directed at my partner and my children should I have been so blessed) into my career, into volunteering, into creating things and generally into doing my best to help make the world a better place.  Which would benefit not just me, my family and friends, but also all those happily married family types as well.

And yet, for some reason, the government thinks I should be punished for this.  Punished for being unloved.  I’ll be paying more in tax than those happy couples who have officially joined themselves together.  Who enjoy the long term security of a loving home and get all the emotional benefits of marriage.  Now they get extra money for it too.

Someone will have to fund that tax rebate – once again it will be me – working, single, healthy.  Because we’re the people who pay in: taxes, voluntary effort, support and care, and don’t take out.

Thanks Mr Cameron, thanks a bunch.


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