A Torrential Drought

Rather like our current oxymoronic water supply problems (still waiting for the ‘wettest drought on record’ headlines) my creative ideas, whist torrential, also seem to be unable to alleviate the drought (of my creative career).

I’m not sure I have ever experienced any kind of creative ‘block’ where ideas just won’t come – but just as unproductive is the creative ‘torrent’ – my head currently is full of the following:

Organise Tiny Play Festival

Get work as Director on other projects (a couple in the pipeline)

Work on new writing project 1 (voting)

Work on new writing/directing project 2 (improvised all woman play that isn’t set in a prison, convent or other all woman establishment)

Work on new writing project 3 (revise play and send to producers)

Work on novel 1 (The weird one)

Work on novel 2 (the commercial one)

Work on art project 1 (interactive drawing event for general public)

Work on art project 2 (voluntary work to do with tweeting for local art project/space)

Apply for acting jobs / do some acting

and really all the while the uncreative necessities of life are intruding – get new job for when contract finishes in July, do the decorating, sort out finances, do the gardening, lose weight, get fit, find love, win lottery…

And somehow I don’t do half of these things, I am so overwhelmed that I just read a book, or watch a dvd, or stare out of the window at the rain.

Perhaps I need a plan? *adds ‘make plan’ to list of things to do*

Or maybe just go with the flow, paddle along with the torrent and keep from going under?

Offers of help with housework, gardening, love life and money all welcome.  (Offers of work even more welcome!)


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