Artist in Residence – works

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These collages are based on talking to my neighbours in Courtenay Street, they are not strictly portraits or accurate representations of the conversation or the person but subjective impressions. Where there is a ‘second draft’ this is just a second attempt to capture further impressions.

We are now meeting down at the Duchy Arms once a month and this means with some people where I haven’t met them on a one to one basis I am slowly building a picture up over time. I’m also talking to people in the street who say ‘oh you are the artist’ and after explaining why they don’t have time to ‘talk’ to me, then talk to me. One of these conversations led to me joining the Kennington Gardens Society and two of my neighbours were there so I’ve also included that here.

I will continue to add to this page as I meet more people or do more work around those I have met already.